Sunday, 21 July 2013

"Bad Young Brother" Lyrics

Again, please help with lyrics at these positions represented by the question marks:@0:42 - The crowd shouts out "??????????????"
UPDATE: "Thank God they're here" - Thanx to Jonathan Warren

@1:45 - ?????????????? and old beats.
UPDATE: Jonathan Warren suggests "fast rhymes & old beats".  I'm thinking it sounds like "boss rhymes & old beats" but I'll go with Jonathan for now.


Well the first time you heard my voice you were rockin'
to the rhythm.  Your hands couldn't stop finger poppin'
to the sound of the drum & bass that kicks.
When Derek B's on the decks other DJs get licked.
You don't believe me?  Well it ain't no joke.
With him behind me I'll never go broke
because he makes those beats sweeter than honey.
We record it, then rake in the money.
I got thousands of rhymes inside my mind.
I hit the button on recall, their easy to find.
At the show my voice booms on the PA.
Other rappers shit their pants - It's the judgement day.
We're the new crew that's come from nowhere.
The crowd shouts out "Thank God they're here"
We'll capture your attention like a news flash
and spread our sound like an infectious rash
of def break beats, each & every one.
Now your woppin & boppin to the tempo on the drum.
I knew it wouldn't be long before you got into it.
Yo D! What?  Show 'em how you do it.

Oh yeah!  Chief Rocker Derek B is a bad young brother. (x2)

Don't need to do no drugs, I'm on a natural high.
The lord's my shepherd.  That is why.
I'm odds on favorite to win this rap race.
Put your money on me boy, it's gonna be safe.
An investment, a long term security
This LP's like a painting by Da Vinci.
A masterpiece of killer cuts & rhymes.
My DJ Derek B (Yo!) is my partner in crime.
Nobody can cut quite like this man.
Tears the roof off of single jam.
Sucker DJs run trying to escape
but the damage is done.  It's just too late.
All homeboys like def beats, hard breaks
and cuts that rumble like earthquakes.
Fly girls scream, then they holler.
We get paid in pounds, not in dollars
for our fast rhymes and old beats.
You know we're London's finest Kings of the street.
Now that I know that cha all into it,
Yo D!  (Yeah?)  Show 'em how you do it.

Oh yeah!  Chief Rocker Derek B is a bad young brother. (x4)

Put the needle to the groove that'll make you move
with cuts like a razor - some rough, some smooth.
Rap's next generation - a 90's beat boy.
I ain't no imitation.  I'm the real McCoy.
Comin to ya live & directly,
I got Honors, Masters, PHD
& a Noble Peace Prize for my rap.
And Derek B's got a Grammy Award for his scratch.
We dress all in black.  Never, ever touch crack.
We wear fresh, fly Adidas.  Not Nike - they wak!
Black 501's, Versace leather jacket.
When we do any jams we always pack it.
Like royalty, we'll be around forever.
Like Lennon & McCartney, we're perfect together.
Like an 808 bass drum we sound real good.
The beat keeps droppin, the way it should.
The 1200's are spinnin.  My manager's grinnin.
My Mum's so proud of me now that I am winnin
and I know that you're well into it.
Yo D!  What?  Show 'em how you do it.

Oh yeah!  Chief Rocker Derek B is a bad young brother.

Bust the beat!

Oh yeah!  Chief Rocker Derek B is a bad young brother. (x2)

Bust the beat!

Oh yeah!  Chief Rocker Derek B is a bad young brother.

This shit is dope, huh?
Alright.  Yo D, bussit.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Derek B - "Bad Young Brother" Music Video Clip

I've uploaded a copy of the video for Bad Young Brother to YouTube because it seems to be better quality than what's already there.  If you want the original file: Download

The audio in the video is an edit of the superior Billy Beat Mix.  The full-length Billy Beat Mix was a bonus track on the CD versions of Bullet From a Gun.  Available Here

Monday, 21 January 2013

Derek B vs Naughty by Nature - Good Groove OPP Mashup Remix

So what if the chorus' and verses of this mash don't matchup perfectly - the vibe is definitely there!
If you want to make your own Good Groove mashup the acapella is here.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Derek B - Who Dares Wins (Original Hip Hop Mix)

Wow!  I never knew this track existed - AND IT'S GOOD!!!
At the end of this track Tim Westwood states the track was self-produced but I've got the feeling it's on HardNoise's SoundCloud because they had something to do with the production or maybe it's a remix they did.

Westwood also states the track would be forthcoming on Phonogram but I can't find any evidence of it's release.  It seems only the inferior "Total Recall Mix" was relegated to the B-Side of the terrible (sorry Derek, I'm just being honest) "You've Got to Look Up".

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Derek B - Good Groove

1 - Good Groove
2 - Good Groove (Instrumental)
3 - Good Groove (Acapella)
4 - Good Groove (Guitar Licks)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Friday, 4 January 2013

Derek B - Rock the Beat

1 - Rock The Beat
2 - Rock The Beat (Lindens Dangerous Dub)
3 - Rock The Beat (Bonus Beats)
4 - Rock The Beat (Instrumental)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Derek B - We've Got the Juice

1 - We've Got The Juice (Fresh Squeezed Mix)
2 - Power Move (With X-Tra Strength Boyee!!!)
3 - We've Got The Juice (Instrumental)

1 - We've Got The Juice - Fresh Squeezed Mix
2 - Power Move - With X-Tra Strength Boyee
3 - We've Got The Juice - Cut Thru Steel Mix
4 - We've Got The Juice - Instrumental\