Friday, 18 January 2013

Derek B - Who Dares Wins (Original Hip Hop Mix)

Wow!  I never knew this track existed - AND IT'S GOOD!!!
At the end of this track Tim Westwood states the track was self-produced but I've got the feeling it's on HardNoise's SoundCloud because they had something to do with the production or maybe it's a remix they did.

Westwood also states the track would be forthcoming on Phonogram but I can't find any evidence of it's release.  It seems only the inferior "Total Recall Mix" was relegated to the B-Side of the terrible (sorry Derek, I'm just being honest) "You've Got to Look Up".

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  1. Jonathan Warren15 April 2013 at 21:52

    This is a very good track version. I always thought that the Total Recall mix Who Dares Wins was better than You've Got To Look Up (although I liked YGTLU a great deal) but this track is superior to the Total Recall version. Thanks for sharing the link.