Sunday, 28 August 2011

Derek B - Bullet From a Gun (1988) FLAC or mp3

This could be my favourite album of all time.  It defines Hip Hop's coming of age.  The perfect balance of drum programming, sampled loops and scratching.

When the time came to compile Bullet From a Gun the total running time was too long.  Since vinyl still dominated in 1988 some songs were shortened to fit.  CD's on the other hand could hold up to 74 minutes of music so bonus tracks were added.  Unfortunately though some tracks on CD were the versions shortened to fit on vinyl.  The good news is between the US & UK releases we can salvage all the full length versions.

UK  Good Groove (5:52)
US  Goodgroove (6:31)
UK  Rock the Beat (5:30)
US  Rock the Beat (4:42)
UK  We've Got the Juice (4:37)
US  We Got the Juice (5:44)

"Rock the Beat" benefits the most from having the full release.  The backwards beat is a sonic classic & was unfortunately trimmed for the edited version.

CD  Bonus Tracks:
UK  Rock the Beat
UK  Derek B's Got...
UK  Bad Young Brother (Billy Beat Mix)
US  Alright Now
US  Def Beat Boy

Surprising to see "Rock the Beat" is a bonus track in the UK.  I'd have included it before "Human Time Bomb" & maybe a couple others.

So here is the definitive version of Bullet From a Gun that I have compiled.  Combining the best of the UK & US releases it is the only version you will ever need:
  1. Bullet From a Gun
  2. Bad Young Brother (Billy Beat Mix)
  3. Power Move
  4. Human Time Bomb
  5. All City
  6. Rock the Beat
  7. Get Down
  8. We've Got the Juice
  9. Alright Now
  10. Good Groove
  11. Success
  12. Derek B's Got...!
  13. Def Beat Boy
I once saw a Japanese version for sale on eBay that had 14 tracks but didn't list them.  If you happen to have it can you please share the tracklisting.

Download:  Link Removed
Password:  derekbtribute
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  1. This is a classic album!!! Hope you can re-up the FLAC version

  2. Thanks so much for sharing.
    However, the MP3 is unavailable. Any alternative place it can be found? Cheers bro. :)

  3. Thanks for the articles. Brings back some fab memories and answers questions and information I could never have known about at the time. (internet was scarce then!) RIP Derek. Just 44 :(

    I can't get the files tho. Mediafire refers me to Amazon and depositfiles wants me to subscribe at goodness knows how much! :(
    Is it possible to put the compilation on another file share please?

    Thank you :)

    1. The Deposit Files link works. Select Regular Download, wait 60 seconds and enter the captcha word recognition.

      The MediaFire link has been marked copyright. I'm on the go but will add a new link in the next day or so.

  4. Mediafire down again. Try using Gamefront instead.

  5. Great album, think I wore my Bullet From A Gun cassette out in the late 80's.

    Never knew Derek B had passed away. :(


  6. Hi, would you please contact me - thanks Simon

    1. I'm struggling to find a way to get in touch with you. I added you on Google+ but now that I look at it I don't think it's possible to message you privately?

  7. you could find me on Facebook and send a message or email thanks. (AT is the @ symbol)

  8. Does anyone have this in lossless? I'd say post the link here.

  9. Would be great if someone could re-up the FLAC!!

  10. Would love to get me hands on this too if at all possible

  11. Oh no, only one source in the whole world and that is gone - with no comment.

    Please reup.

  12. lol don't u people know who Simon Harris is? BASS how low can you go....and Derek Bs music label,,, music of life ;0

  13. Greatest album of all time. Full stop.

  14. Where can I find this great album?

    Anyone could share and post, please?

    Derek B. RIP

  15. It's available on iTunes but are you looking for somewhere that you can download it free instead?

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