Sunday, 13 November 2011

Derek B T-Shirt


I’m delighted to announce that Derek’s family have granted me permission to do a limited run of T-shirts featuring the image from the front cover of his ‘Bullet from a Gun ‘ LP.
At the moment I am asking you to vote on whether you would like to buy this T-Shirt. The cost will be £25 which includes free shipping anywhere in the world. I need a minimum of 30 votes in order to take the shirt into production, so I will allow the voting to take place until the end of the year and then after the New Year I will begin taking orders (as long as we have enough interest). The orders will be done on a ‘pre-order’ basis… meaning that you will have a few weeks to place your order and then I will print up the required number of shirts.
50% of profits will go straight to Derek’s family.
The T-shirt will be a heavyweight Black shirt with a 3 colour screen-print finish, lightweight and ladies fit shirts will also be available.


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