Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Liverpool FC - Anfield Rap

Derek B, the London hip-hop artist who co-wrote Liverpool's famous Anfield Rap, has died of a heart attack aged 44.
The 1980s star - real name Derek Boland - was hand-picked by Craig Johnston to create the club's 1988 FA Cup song after the Aussie midfielder heard Derek's hit single Bad Young Brother.
Johnston said: "I went to London and sought out a guy called Derek B who was Britain's first ever rapper. This is before rap had even come to Britain's shores and I was on it and I went to this guy and said: 'Look it's a mickey-take - let's write it'.
"So I wrote the words and he got the Twist and Shout hook. There wasn't a single Englishman in the team at the time. They were all Scots, Irish, Welsh, a Dane, a Zimbabwean, an Australian. So the whole thing was about the dressing room craic. It was about McMahon and Aldridge and accents and how the other lads didn't talk like them:
"Ah eh mate, we're great me and you but the other lads don't talk like we do. No they don't talk like we do, do they though la, we'll have to learn them to talk proper."
"The whole thing was about accents and how there were only two who had the proper Scouse accent. Now and again I get a royalty from Virgin Records and it's always a cheque for like £1.27 or 89p. I never bank it because it's not worth it."

Source:  Anfield Rap co-writer Derek B dead at 44 - Football Banter -

The producer is credited as Tuff Audio on the sleeve.  You can hear Derek rap the intro.

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