Monday, 26 September 2011

Who the Hell is EZQ?!?

Before Shock G was Humpty Hump.
Before Raekwon called himself Lex Diamonds.
Derek B had Hip Hop's first alter ego - EZQ!

Derek even gave thanx to EZQ in the liner notes of "Bullet From a Gun"!

So how does EZQ fit into the Derek B puzzle?  You could be forgiven for assuming Derek B is an MC.  But read the lyrics carefully - He's the DJ!  EZQ is the MC!

Confused?  After 25 years I know I am

On his first release Derek Boland established his duality - Rock the Beat:
"Well Derek B-B-B-B got the cuts you like.
The incredible EZQ is on the mic."
He'd even talk to his alter ego.
"Yo Derek!  Rock the Beat!"
"cause I've got Derek B & he's on the set.
Started out in a nightclub when I decided to chill
but I couldn't find a DJ to fit the bill."
"when I found that sound good enouogh for me,
put my hands to my eyes - saw Derek B.
Derek B tried a whip that would not quit
With bare hands he stands.  No time to quit.

"D on the decks.  EZQ - Mic Controller"

And he is quick to not just praise his DJ but brag about their partnership - Get Down:
"My DJ Derek B is best."
"EZ-Q on the mic & Derek B's got juice.
The first time you heard us we left you in a shock.
You didn't realise that Derek B could rock."
"We are the duo from London town"
"Derek B's hands are quicker than the eye.
The crossfader flies on the GLI."
"...he can transform.
My DJ's the king so give him his crown."

All City
"Listen to EZQ cause I ain't lyin."
"Master of the beat - Derek B the warlock
and me, EZQ mean definite road block.
When we do any show in any town"

Power Move:
"Easy come, easy go.  EZQ on the mic."
"Gymnastic elocution comes easy to the Q."

Human Time Bomb:
"Derek B cuts the record so precise"
"EZQ on the mic right from the start"

We Got the Juice:
"EZQ makin it loud and clear."
"Yo D!  Call it home baby."
"Me & Derek B well we got he juice" - In live versions he can be heard rapping "Me & my posse..." instead.  Apparently not a change-of-heart strategy to void confusion because at the beginning of this performance he definitely wants you to know "It's EZQ!"

The alter egos would even converse!  Good Groove:

"OK D? What's that? Breakdown!"

Good Groove
"Derek B's on the cut...You wanna take us on?"
"D's flexing the decks and his diamond's in the slot,
through the Stanton, through the mixer.  Now the speakers' gettin hot!"

Good Groove + Def Beat Boy:
"My DJ's so bad he can cut through steel
and EZQ's with the rhyme given you the real deal."

Def Beat Boy:
"EZQ gettin potent, rappin hour after hour"

Boland really went out of his way to solidify the two personas.  Giving EZQ an american accent & Derek B sounding British.  Success:
"Yo D!  Yeah? You know that def B line you was runnin on me? Go on, yeah.  Give it to me please.  Alright, sweet.  Hold on.  What, like this?  Yeah that's right."

He even did a song about his DJ!!!  Bad Young Brother:
"When Derek B's on the decks other DJ's get licked.
You don't believe me?  Well it ain't no joke.
With him behind me I'll never go broke
because he makes those beats sweeter than honey.
We record it then rake in the money."
"Yo D!  What?  Show em how you do it."
"My DJ Derek B is my partner in crime.  Nobody can cut quite like this man."
"Yo D!  Yeah?  Show em how you do it.  Alright."
"A nobel peace prize for my rap
and Derek B's got a grammy award for his scratch."
"Like Lennon & McCartney we're perfect together."
"Yo D!  What?  Show em how you do it.  Sweet."

 When it was time to release a music video Boland addressed the duality using special effects to appear as both MC & DJ:


  1. Jonathan Warren15 April 2013 at 21:26

    Good Groove
    "Derek B's got plenty. His diamond's in the slot,
    through the Stanton, through the mixer. Now the speakers' gettin hot!"

    I think this line is "D's flexing the decks and his diamond's in the slot, from the Stanton, through the mixer. Now the speakers gettin hot!"